Friday, August 21, 2009

How to Earn Money Online Using SwagBucks

Making money online... We have all heard that it's too good to be true or that it's a scam. But there is a way to make legitimate money online just by doing online searches! You won't get rich by doing it, but a little here and a little there can go a long way.

I have just started using Swagbucks recently and have already earned $15 in gift cards to Amazon. You can earn rewards such as gift cards, video games, electronics, and even money. And all you have to do is surf the web just like you already do! Let's get started!

Sign up for Swagbucks. It's quick and easy. Just follow my referral link and follow the instructions on the page to register.

Download the Swagbucks search bar. I know that some people are wary of downloading from sites that they aren't familiar with and I felt the same way. But I did some research on them and I found them to be a very reputable site and went ahead and downloaded the toolbar and have had no problems because of it. The benefit of having the search bar is that you are more likely to win a swagbuck when you search.

Start Searching! You will not win every time you search. You will commonly win maybe 2-4 times a day in 20 searches spread out throughout the day. Everyday is different. Sometimes you may win a lot and sometimes you may not win anything. But Swagbucks has been found to be the best value for your time spent.

Watch for Swag codes. Most days "The Swag Guy" (TSG) will leave hints to swag codes using the swagbucks blog, "Swidget," facebook, or twitter. Swag codes will usually be one word or a series of numbers or letters that they have chosen and left clues for you to find it. Sometimes it will be a name of an artist or a song that they leave hints to, other times they will add a code to a page on their site that their clue will lead you too. Once you have this code, you will go to the swagbucks site and enter it.

-Search for legitimate things such as medical conditions, current news, going green, etc
-Fridays are mega swag bucks day! This means that you have a better chance of winning 3, 5, or even 10 swagbucks for a single search!!
-Get the "swidget." They will reveal codes this way frequently.
-If you are on facebook, you will want to join their fan page or if you are on Twitter, you will want to follow them as they give swag codes on these sites.

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